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What to Look For From Your Managed Print Services Provider

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Often, businesses looking to improve productivity turn to a new printer as a solution, even though this often doesn’t address the real problem. A new printer might offer a “bargain” price but often it costs far more if you think about ink or toner costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and repairs for the life of the device.

This is just a small sample of the hidden (or overlooked) costs of printing. An experienced Managed Print Services provider can help you uncover those hidden costs for a more productive, streamlined and cost-efficient print environment.

If you’re considering a Managed Print Services program for your business, here are some things to consider.

What to Look For in a Provider

Any relationship should start with a print assessment. Your provider will examine your current print environment and workflows to understand where you currently stand. A Managed Print Services provider will optimize your existing fleet, then suggest supplementing if needed. If you’re considering an MPS approach, when interviewing potential providers, ask how they’ll handle these elements of their MPS program:

  • Predictable Billing – One advantage MPS offers is consolidating your variable (and often out-of-control) print expenses and turning them into a stable, scalable monthly expense, payable to a single vendor.
  • Analyzing Your Needs – A print assessment starts with a complete inventory of your current print assets and monitoring usage over a fixed period of time. Your provider will then develop a strategy based on actual data.
  • Streamlining Assets – Local printers often generate hidden costs. Streamlining your fleet to several strategically placed multifunction devices can lower costs and improve workflows.
  • Replacing Inefficient Devices – Old technology increases your cost by using more consumables and requiring more frequent repairs. Replacing it with energy efficient new technology can actually lower costs.
  • On-Demand Ordering – Unmanaged office supplies can cost you big. MPS monitors usage to provide on-demand, on- time, supplies.

Look Beyond the Basics

Most MPS providers should offer the above services, however, be sure to look for more. A good MPS provider will also offer training in new technology and cybersecurity. They will also work with your team to improve workflows and mobile capabilities. A professionally managed program will also offer 24/7 tech support you can count on.

Are you ready to open a dialogue? Call us today and we’ll show you the benefits Managed Print Services can offer your business. 

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