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Converting to Digital Document Workflows | GDM

Converting to Digital Document Workflows

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Today’s world is a digital world – but more than 80% of business is still done on paper. However, switching to digital document workflows can have a host of benefits for your company. If you’re considering making the transition, but are intimidated by the process, read on to learn more. Why Go Digital? Handling paper documents can…

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Help Your Business Succeed With Document Management | GDM Xerox

Help Your Business Succeed With Document Management

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes handle documents on a daily basis, whether for invoicing, client records or communications. When you consider how much time and energy goes into the creation, copying, sharing, and usage of each document, the need for a reliable document management system becomes clear. Unmanaged documents can negatively impact your business and wind up…

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The Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS) | GDM

The Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Managed Print Services, or MPS, is a service that can help businesses to help streamline and manage their print environment to reduce costs and streamline processes. MPS has become popular because most businesses do not have a defined printing strategy. There are two main reasons why: It is time-consuming It’s low on the priority list Many businesses are…

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What to Look For From Your Managed Print Services Provider | GDM Xerox

What to Look For From Your Managed Print Services Provider

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Often, businesses looking to improve productivity turn to a new printer as a solution, even though this often doesn’t address the real problem. A new printer might offer a “bargain” price but often it costs far more if you think about ink or toner costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and repairs for the life of the device. This is…

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Put ConnectKey Apps to Work For Your Business | GDM

Put ConnectKey Apps to Work For Your Business

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Application technology is found on every type of mobile device from smartphones to tablets, providing users with a fast, convenient way to access their favourite software with the touch of a button. Xerox has harnessed this powerful technology for the workplace to help businesses streamline document workflows, enhance productivity, and save money on the cost of…

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7 Tips for a More Successful Meeting | GDM Xerox

7 Tips for a More Successful Meeting

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Meetings are held to exchange ideas, develop and enact business strategies, and communicate the inner workings of your organization to the relevant parties—yet according to a survey performed by, nearly half of employees say meetings are a waste of time. If you’re looking for ways to improve your meetings, raise enthusiasm among the ranks, and…

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How to Safeguard Your Business From These Low-Tech Security Threats

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Today’s businesses face a number of security threats related to the use of modern technology in the workplace, and this is often highlighted by the media. Data theft is a a key concern, but it’s important to realize that physical data breaches can be just as detrimental to your business as digital data theft. Therefore…

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Five Reasons to Hire Millennials

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The generation born between 1985 and 2000, known as Millennials. has recently surpassed Boomers as the largest age demographic in the workforce. They’re a unique generation with unique expectations of their employers. If you’re hiring Millennials, you need to prepare for what experts refer to as the “job-hopping” generation. If you want to add Millennials…

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Six Hacking Terms You Should Know, GDM Xerox

Six Hacking Terms You Should Know

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Data beaches happen almost every day. In today’s connected world, every business is at risk and it’s important to educate yourself about the risks. There are plenty of trade websites, newsletters and blogs where you can learn about today’s threats. Like every industry, IT security professionals have a language they use when discussing these issues. If…

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Overcoming Workplace Procrastination, GDM

Overcoming Workplace Procrastination

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It’s happened to all of us… that big project deadline is looming and you’ve got a list of work that needs to get done. But it’s just not working for you. Maybe you’re lacking focus, or mental energy. Maybe you get started only to find distractions everywhere. We all do it. Procrastination is a common…

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