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benefits of managed print services

The Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS) | GDM

The Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Managed Print Services, or MPS, is a service that can help businesses to help streamline and manage their print environment to reduce costs and streamline processes. MPS has become popular because most businesses do not have a defined printing strategy. There are two main reasons why: It is time-consuming It’s low on the priority list Many businesses are…

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What to Look For From Your Managed Print Services Provider | GDM Xerox

What to Look For From Your Managed Print Services Provider

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Often, businesses looking to improve productivity turn to a new printer as a solution, even though this often doesn’t address the real problem. A new printer might offer a “bargain” price but often it costs far more if you think about ink or toner costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and repairs for the life of the device. This is…

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Could These Printing Costs be Draining Your Funds?

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Did you know that approximately 90% of North American companies don’t have any idea as to what they spend annually on print? Let’s take a moment to walk through some of these “hidden” printing costs to identify opportunities where cost savings for your organization could be realized: Supplies – Without official guidelines for your employees to…

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