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Eliminate Paper Invoicing Processes with Digital Workflows

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Technology has changed the way we do business by automating many business processes; including invoicing. This can help you to ensure prompt and accurate billing and aid in predictable cash flow for your company.

The Benefits of Digital Accounting Workflows

You can streamline your invoicing process by incorporating digital workflows to automate data entry and repetitive tasks. As a result, you’ll enjoy:

Improved Productivity – Routing invoices with a single mouse click drastically reduces the time spent on processing. This frees your team to focus on core business initiatives like servicing clients and growing your business.

Improved Accuracy – Manual and repetitive tasks often result in human error. By automating these tasks, accuracy will improve. No more missed billable items, and invoices can be track more easily. This is something that will benefit both your management and customers.

Better Customer Service – By streamlining the approval process your customers will enjoy prompt and accurate invoicing. You’ll enjoy faster payment, immediate payment confirmation and have instant access to account status and information. It might seem like a small benefit, but it’s one that will improve your customer service and satisfaction.

Enhanced Security Protection – Cybercrime is growing and no business is safe, no matter how small. Rock-solid security is a must in today’s connected world. Digitized documents can be password protected and encrypted throughout the process from creation, to delivery, to archiving. This keeps customer data and company information safe from prying eyes.

More Accurate Record Keeping – Digitizing invoicing is easy, and much more efficient than searching through piles of paper. Documents stored in the cloud are searchable, sharable and accessible anytime, from anywhere. Digital documents are archivable, and recallable with just a few mouse clicks.

When you examine the invoicing process from creation, to payment confirmation, to archiving, digital workflows can offer many benefits. Scanning invoices into digital workflows will improve accuracy, productivity and streamline processes.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today and let us show you the benefits a digital document management system will provide to your business.

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