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Converting to Digital Document Workflows

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Today’s world is a digital world – but more than 80% of business is still done on paper. However, switching to digital document workflows can have a host of benefits for your company. If you’re considering making the transition, but are intimidated by the process, read on to learn more.

Why Go Digital?

Handling paper documents can cost both time and money. They take up a lot of storage space, are hard to search, slow down collaboration, and are easily lost, destroyed or stolen. Conversely, digital workflows eliminate many of the problems paper creates.

Digital data is easy and inexpensive to store. At the same time, it can be indexed for search-ability, and quickly transmitted to different departments or even different countries. Switching to digital document workflows can improve productivity, efficiency, reliability and collaboration. Digital data can also be secured, to help improve accountability and regulatory compliance.

How to Go Digital?

Consider what you use paper for. Can this information be captured digitally? The closer to the point of origin you can convert data to a digital format, the more benefits you will see from switching to a digital workflow. This may mean having customers import their information digitally to begin, or it may mean scanning forms upon receipt. Once the information is digital, it can be transmitted to appropriate storage, applications, departments, or people for processing.

Capturing Data

It used to be that scanning simply created a digital image of the document you were working with, making it viewable but otherwise not very useful. However, today’s scanners do more – they capture the data in the document. This means from your scanner, you can make your documents searchable, editable, and useful. Data that is captured can be used in a variety of ways, and organized to promote efficiency and productivity.

Going digital may seem intimidating, and you may wonder if it’s worth the investment of time and money. However with today’s technology, such as developed by Xerox, you can quickly and easily convert your documents to digital data. With so many benefits, digital workflows are an important investment for today’s businesses to make. Contact us at GDM to learn more.

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