Six Tips to Protect Your Network From Malware , GDM

Six Tips to Protect Your Network From Malware

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Keeping your network safe from a malware attack is a must in today’s high technology world. Policies and practice can help to keep your network and portable devices safe. When it comes to malware, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; it’s easier to put protective measures in place beforehand than to fix things after an attack.

Here are a few tips to keep your network safe:

  1. Understand the basics of safe computing – Never open attachments until they are scanned and deemed safe. Don’t download anything you are not 100% sure of, from any website, ever. Even then, be sure to scan it before you install.
  2. Have a suite of security tools and know how to use them – A good security suite should include firewalls, web traffic blocks, the ability to screen incoming links, filter junk mail and scan for viruses and malware.
  3. Be wary of links – You can be infected from email, questionable web links and even text. If it doesn’t look right, or you’re not sure of its origin DO NOT CLICK IT! Even if it’s from a trusted source, confirm it’s origin first.
  4. Make a confirmation call – If you receive an unexpected email from a colleague with an attachment, make a call and let them know you received it. If they didn’t you’ve just let them know they’ve been hacked.
  5. Check all BYOD devices – BYOD is a great trend for productivity, but it can be a disaster if your employees devices are not protected. An unprotected device can set your entire network up for a malware attack. Protect yourself and only allow protected and authorized devices network access.
  6. Be proactive, stay vigilant and keep training up to date! – Don’t assume that all employees are security savvy. Provide periodic training, run through real-life scenarios, and always use best practices.

These tips can help you to get started with implementing a comprehensive security protocol. With proper tools, training, and awareness you can prevent most malware attacks and security breaches from occurring. Take a proactive approach and stay safe!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best MFP for Your Organization, GDM

5 Tips for Choosing the Best MFP for Your Organization

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If you’re currently in the market to acquire a new multifunction device for your office, you’ve probably discovered that they all seem to look and sound the same. Sure, they all offer the ability to print, copy, scan and fax; however, there are some distinct differences to consider before making your purchase.

As you evaluate your options for an MFP, here are five factors to take into consideration to help you distinguish the best MFP for your organization:

  1. Security – An MFP is like any other computer that sits on your network; it contains an internal hard drive that stores information. Therefore, you will want to carefully consider MFP security. There are typically two security levels available. The first is single sub-system component security, which may be an additional cost outside of your monthly lease payment or purchase price. A second option is full system security, which usually takes place at the point of manufacturing and certifies that all areas of your MFP are secure from outside threats.
  2. Mobile Printing – Does the MFP you are considering offer mobile printing? If so, how secure is it and is there an additional cost for this capability?
  3. Type of Print Engine – MFPs either use a cartridge based print engine or a drum based print engine. With a cartridge based print engine, most of the components are replaceable, which means that less onsite maintenance is required. A drum based system will require regular maintenance from a service technician to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Warranty – Know up front who is providing the equipment warranty-the manufacturer or the reseller? What is the length of the warranty? If the system needs to be replaced, who makes this determination? Be sure to ask if the warranty is being written into the lease and service agreement.
  5. Environment – If your company is like most, you want to save costs while reducing your environmental footprint. An MFP that uses solid ink produces 90 percent less waste than comparable toner based products.

When deciding on which multifunction printer is best for your needs be sure to consider these five things. The MFP you decide on should offer you security, performance, efficiency and a reliable warranty. Contact us today for more guidance on the right choice for your company!

Why SMBs are Moving to Managed IT Services, GDM

Why SMBs are Making the Move to Managed IT Services

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It’s one thing for a multinational Fortune 100 industry giant to implement the most advanced IT solutions on the market … and it’s another for small and medium sized businesses to have the same opportunities to grow their business and compete more confidently with help from Information Technology.

The sheer speed of technology’s evolution – it’s said that tech grows in some way every 28 days – make keeping up with platforms, management systems and apps seemingly impossible for a small business.

That’s where Managed IT Service can help

In much the same way that Managed Print Services relieves you of the burden of overseeing your print fleet hardware and software, Managed IT Services brings top-quality tech experts into your workplace to assess your current infrastructure and identify where gaps could be filled or improvements might be made that will help you and your staff to work faster and more efficiently.

Count on Managed IT Services for:

  • Monitoring network operations
  • Implementing applications geared toward your needs
  • Filling roles like help desk, security and maintenance
  • Establishing risk assessment and disaster recovery plans

Budget control

An outdated or poorly managed IT infrastructure can not only slow operations, it could end up costing your company in downtime, issue resolution and repair.

For most SMBs, their core business hinges on good network systems – but they often lack the time, talent and budget to “staff up” with enough IT pros. Managed IT Services offers customized solutions aimed at accommodating your needs and your budget.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today for a free complimentary, no-obligation IT technology assessment.

How You Can Uncover Your Actual Print Costs, GDM

How You Can Get Your Print Costs Under Control

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Are you aware of what your organization is actually paying in printing costs?  A thorough print assessment can give business leaders immediate insight into their organizations’ actual printing costs and printing behaviours, which can prove to be very powerful in reducing costs, boosting productivity and limiting waste.

What is typically included in a print assessment?

  • Detailed inventory for all print devices; networked and offline
  • Usage levels of print devices, including black and white and colour
  • Actual printing costs broken down by page, device and overall
  • User activity by department and end user
  • Energy usage of hardcopy devices
  • Recycling practices

With this information, business leaders can make informed decisions about reducing costs and improving efficiencies within their organizations.

There are three common types of print assessments:

  1. Walk Around – This type of assessment involves walking around to take an inventory of all print devices. A configuration sheet will be printed off first thing in the morning, and a second one will be printed at the end of the day for a snapshot of daily print volumes. Projections can then be made from these volumes for a more realistic picture of print activity over a week, month or even a year.
  2. Software Deployment – A print assessment that involves software deployment is more in-depth than a walk around assessment and offers a more detailed report of actual printing activities. By deploying software, fact-based data can be compiled from all of your networked devices. Typically, organizations will realize the opportunity to reduce costs by as much as 30 percent from this assessment alone.
  3. Onsite Professional Services – This type of print assessment is ideal for larger organizations with multiple locations or an international footprint and involves onsite professionals that gather and analyze data from printing activities on a larger scale.

Request a free print assessment from a Managed Print Services provider and start saving today.


Could These Printing Costs be Draining Your Funds?

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Did you know that approximately 90% of North American companies don’t have any idea as to what they spend annually on print? Let’s take a moment to walk through some of these “hidden” printing costs to identify opportunities where cost savings for your organization could be realized:

  • Supplies – Without official guidelines for your employees to follow when purchasing supplies, you are putting your organization at risk of paying for supplies that you don’t need. Also, if no policy is in place as to how these supplies should be stored, your supplies could be up for grabs.
  • Hardware – Many managers think they are doing their company a good service by purchasing an inexpensive desktop printer. However, while the desktop printer may seem like the most price conscious choice upfront, the cost to maintain and keep this technology in operation can be astronomical.
  • Inappropriate technology – If you don’t have the right print technology in place to support your office’s workload, you’ll likely end up with unproductive employees standing around while they wait for their print jobs to be completed. This loss in productivity could also mean a loss in revenue for your company.
  • Unnecessary Use – Unless you tell them otherwise, some employees will automatically print in colour and only use one side of the paper. This can easily cause the cost of your printing supplies to skyrocket.
  • Support and Repairs – Your in-house IT department may not be qualified or have the skills to address every issue that you encounter with your print technology. This could result in your company having to pay a premium price to outsource last minute repairs to minimize any interruptions in workflows.
  • Lack of Consolidation – Does your office use a separate printer, copy machine, fax machine and scanner? If so, you could benefit from a multifunction device that consolidates all of these devices into one piece of equipment.
  • Energy Use – Using Energy Star-rated print technology can offer large savings on your electricity bill.

A Managed Print Services provider has the expertise to provide you with optimal solutions to reduce costs while ensuring employees are provided with printing solutions that enhance their work and reduce unproductive delays.

If your printing costs are out of control, now may be a good time to talk with an Managed Print Services provider.